埃里卡·布朗·格里瓦斯(Erica Browne Grivas)

Free 新冠肺炎 测试 is now available at the baseball playfields in Lower Woodland Park at 5201 Greenlake Way N. The initiative is part of three new 测试 kiosk sites announced 由市长詹妮·杜肯(Jenny Durkan)于12月下旬在西雅图中心和南西雅图举行,以帮助遏制新型冠状病毒大流行。

Time slots for the self-administered oral swab tests must be reserved and results are expected 在48小时内。 The site is open from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm and 可在线预订 through 治疗性.com or the city’s 测试 site up to three days in advance. At the time of writing, there are 441 slots open three days from now.

治疗性.com asks two questions in the booking process but was ready to let me book a test even though I indicated I had no symptoms and did not work or live in a high-risk situation.


新报亭 allow 客户 to 使用观察到的,有针对性的自我收集的口腔拭子COVID-19测试。 A Curative 每个地点都有工作人员 to walk clients through the quick and painless process. Results will be delivered electronically within 48 hours. As with other 城市赞助的免费 testing 网站,个人必须 pre-register online…。无论保险状态如何,都不会向客户收费,也不会收到账单。 For uninsured 客户, Curative 将从州和联邦资源中寻求补偿,包括《家庭第一份冠状病毒应对法》 Relief Fund for the cost of the test. 

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New 新冠肺炎 测试 kiosk open in Woodland Park ballfields. Free; by appointment only. Photo: Erica Browne Grivas