的 current quarantine has whipped up such a frenzy for 园艺 , especially food 园艺 , that 种子 companies nationwide have been swamped with orders 和 many have closed or temporarily stopped taking orders. 托儿所也面临供应短缺的问题。

如果您想种些新鲜蔬菜,喂当地的传粉者,或者有一个计划 yourself 和/or the kids, the cusp of spring is a great time to start, with cool overcast weather 和 regular rain to help keep new 种子lings get a foothold in the soil. However, if you can’t find 种子s, the 金县种子 Lending Library is 提供资源给 其西北西雅图地区 –不需要会员。

的 seed library, which 耗尽了像 Tool 借贷 图书馆 at the Phinney Neighborhood Center, says on its web site that it “devised this pilot program to help get our 种子 supply to neighbors who can use them” 因为他们的位置是 currently closed. Their free seed bank is replenished with voluntary donations of fresh or saved 种子. 

您需要做的就是查看列表,发送电子邮件 to the 种子 library requesting up to ten packets (you may get some substitutions if necessary), 和 you’ll be notified when 和 where to pick them up.

的 list includes flowers like alyssum and 向日葵,是传粉者 magnets, 和 edible calendula, which looks gorgeous in a salad 和 makes a soothing salve. Veggies range from beets to zucchini, not to mention a host of greens 和 even a cover crop pea. 

为什么不选择混合种子呢? 开始夏天的花朵,或酷爱 生菜,卡尔斯,菠菜,甜菜 还有外面的豆类许多凉爽的农作物也可以再次播种 八月为秋冬季节。 室外空间有限? 种植生菜,蔬菜,西兰花和豆类 seeded closely in a shallow tray as microgreens –给您重复收获的超营养 baby leaves or sprouts.

保存长期喜欢番茄的热作物, cucumber, and squash to start seeds inside under lights 明年二月或三月。在本季节中,请在您当地的苗圃中寻找已启动的工厂,其中许多工厂都在进行远程订购,按预约购物, and curbside pickup. 

Sky Nursery于周日(4/26)暂停了工厂订单。拉文纳花园(Ravenna Gardens),城市人民的商船(在沙角路)和 Swansons Nursery are still taking orders. Many may have 种子s as well as plants. Don’t forget your 种子-starting mix, pots 和 盆栽土壤和肥料。

In the fall, you can let a few flowers go to 种子 and dry them to donate to the 种子 bank for next year’s crops. Check out the web site’s guide to 种子 saving on its 资源资源 页。