杜尔坎市长’s Budget Proposal & Green Lake

九月26,2018 11:08上午


本周早些时候,西雅图市长詹妮·杜尔坎(Jenny Durkan)公布了她提议的59亿美元  预算 适用于2019-2020年。尽管其中的许多项目都会影响绿湖,但有两个项目引起了我们的注意。

绿湖社区中心,城市中最古老的社区中心以及埃文斯泳池(Evans Pool)在2019年和2020年获得了一笔500,000美元的订单项,用于原理图设计工作。

预算中的另一个项目包括维修 Green Lake 图书馆.  根据概算:

“自从与1998年相关的资本改善工作完成以来,图书馆的建筑都超过了十年的标记“Library’s for All” bond measure that upgraded The Seattle Public 图书馆’s system with new facilities, technology, and books, they require attention to flooring, casework, finishes and restroom fixtures. Some examples of asset preservation items funded through the 图书馆’s CIP 预算 include: major repairs and replacement to roofs, building envelopes, HVAC and other critical building systems, doors, windows, flooring and casework. 计划在安妮女王,哥伦比亚,西西雅图和绿湖进行屋顶,建筑围护结构和窗户规划和/或修复的不同组合,具体取决于项目于2018年末开始。 The 图书馆 Levy provides funding of approximately $2.7 million in 2019, which is the current levy’s final year.”

We have reached out to Seattle Public 图书馆 for information on projects scheduled for this year and what potential improvements could be slated for next year and 2020 that would fall under this proposal. Our hunch is that the proposed work would include the cooling system in the library. (Again, we are confirming that now.) We do know that during the summer months, Green Lake 图书馆 has been forced to close several times due to extreme heat in the unairconditioned building.

UPDATE: Seattle 图书馆’s安德拉·艾迪生(Andra Addison)说不,暖气不属于这项预算的一部分。“绿湖分公司的改建工程始于2017年末,于2018年第一季度完成。空调不是升级的一部分。在我们需要空调的日子里,将空调纳入卡耐基大楼的成本非常高。

The proposed 2019 预算 for The Seattle Public 图书馆, (which includes funds from the 2012 图书馆 levy), provides for the current level of services at the Green Lake Branch (such as the existing operating hours) for 2019.”

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